LRN International GCSE French

LRN International GCSE French

This specification provides an overview of the LRN International GCSE French. This document is suitable for various users, including candidates, centres, administrators, employers, parents/guardians, teachers (and other related stuff) and examiners. The specification outlines the key features and administrative procedures required for this international qualification. 

Subject ContentWriting
AssessmentAssessment objectives (AOs):
Weighting: Paper 1: 50%
Weighting: Paper 2: 50%
Exam DurationTwo (02) hours
AssessmentWritten Exams
Guided Learning HoursThe guided learning hours (GLH) for this qualification are 130. Please note the hours stated are indicative.
Entry CodesOne entry per qualification is sufficient and will cover all the question papers including certification.


Mode of Delivery


Breakdown of Assessment Objectives

AO1 – Writing 

AO2 – Reading 

Private Candidates

Centres are advised that private candidates are only to be enrolled with prior agreement and confirmation from LRN. 


Exam series are in: 

● January (results released in March) 
● June (results released in August) 
● November (results released in January) 


Whereas candidates can re-take the whole qualification as often as they wish, individual components cannot be re-taken as it is a traditional linear specification. 

Please remember, one entry per qualification is sufficient and will cover all the question papers including certification. 

Customer Services Statement

Learning Resource Network (LRN) is committed to ensuring all customers are dealt with promptly and in a professional and helpful manner. In order to guarantee this, we commit to ensuring the following in our day-to-day interactions with candidates, assessment centres and our stakeholder network: 

● All customers will be treated equally and with respect. 

● All customer information will only be used in a way which has been agreed in advance, unless we are informed of something that places them or others at risk of harm; 

● All customers will be treated by staff in a professional manner. 

LRN has arrangements in place to provide a telephone and email help desk which will be staffed from 09:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday. Furthermore, it will respond to each e-mail, letter or telephone message it receives regarding feedback on its qualifications, centre approvals process or other matters relating to its products and/or services. The timetable for responding is as follows: 

● E-mail: 5 working days 

● Letter: 5 working days 

● Telephone message: 5 working days

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